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2017 AATA Conference
DATE 25th - 28th January 2017


Kenilworth Racetrack

Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa


  • Mr. Dion Chang, Founder, Flux Trends
    “The Business of Disruption – the Ripple Effect of Game Changing Technologies”
  • Mr. Mark Steinhobel, Founder and Chairman, VWV
    “Experiential Marketing: Connecting with A New Generation”
  • Mr. Adrian Ford, General Manager, Football Dataco
    “Lessons from Football”
  • Mr. Richard Brooke, Chairman, Great British and Irish Racing
    “A Sustainable Business Model for Horse Racing”
  • Mr. Vidrik Thurling, Board Member, Kenilworth Racing / Chairman, Western Cape Racing Association
  • Mr. Rian du Plessis, Group CEO, Phumelela Gaming
  • Mr. Richard Cheung, Executive Director, The Hong Kong Jockey Club / Chairman, AATA
    “Embracing A Brave New World”



  • Mr. Nick Mills, Commercial Director, Racecourse Media Group
  • Mr. George Irvine, Commingled Director, The Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Mr. Matthew Stephenson, Business Development Director, BET Genius
  • Mr. Rob Scott, CEO, Tellytrack
  • Mr. Paul Cross, General Manager, International Business Development, Tabcorp
  • Mr. Hubert Bergmann, International Sales Manager, Phumelela Gaming


2015 AATA Conference
DATE 4th - 5th September 2015


VENUE Tabcorp Office, Level 31, 680 George Street, Sydney


  • Mr. Paul Cross, Gerenal Manager - International Business Development, Tabcorp
    ”PGI – The Global Gateway Leading the Way ”
  • Mr. Teo Kim Heng, Vice President (Wagering), Singapore Turf Club
    “Singapore Diversifies through Co-mingling”
  • Mr. Richard Cheung, Executive Director Customer & Marketing, The Hong Kong Jockey Club
    “Tackling Wagering’s Achilles Heel – Piracy and Illegal Operators ”
  • Mr. Nick Adams, Director Marketing Enablement, Chief Marketing Officer, Telstra
    “Technology Sponsor Promo”
  • Mr. David Coombes, General Manager Strategy and Architecture, Tabcorp
    “Digital Disruption & What It Means”
  • Mr. Michael Finn, Head of Online Distribution, Tabcorp
    Mr. Luke Stubbles, Head of Digital Technology, Tabcorp
    “Integrating Digital in the Customer Journey”
  • Mr. Gerard Boyle, International Relationships Manager, New Zealand Racing Board
    “Integrating Media to Enhance Wagering”
  • Mr. Andrew Thomson, Senior Consultant, QUANTIUM
    “Big Data & Unlocking the Customer”


AATA Customer Digital Experience Workshop
DATE 13th December 2014 Saturday
VENUE The Owner Box 2, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Happy Valley, Hong Kong


  • Mr. Ben Taylor, President, Asia Pacific Jack Morton
    "Leading the Millennial Generation"


  • Mr. Teo Kim Heng, Vice President (Wagering), Singapore Turf Club
    ”Singapore Turf Club’s ‘Customer Digital Experience’ Efforts and Learning”
  • Mr. Scott McDowell, Executive Manager Commercial, RWWA
    “RWWA’s Use of Digital as an Enabler of the Multi Channel Offer”
  • Mr. Jason Chiu, CEO, Cherrypicks Limited
    “Frictionless Online-to-Offline User Experience”
  • Ms. Birgitta Tam, Executive Manager, Customer Digital Experience Development, The Hong Kong Jockey Club
    “Futuristic Racing to Connect with Customers”
  • Mr. Tony Fang, Business Development Manager, NxTomo Games Limited
    “Horse Racing through Mobile Games”